My best feedback comes from the students & parents with whom I have worked over the years. Please contact me if you would like to contact them directly for a recommendation. 

"Kirby was a nurturing and encouraging teacher/force at the beginning of my career as an artist. Her patience and calm demeanor inspired me to take everything in and be patient with myself. She had a customized approach to every one of her students- embracing their various perspectives and approaches to every assignment."

~Amanda Klingler

"There are some people that are blessed with one phenomenal talent in their lifetime.  Kirby is blessed with at least two! Not only is she a master artist, but her teaching style goes above and beyond any teacher I have ever had in my lifetime.  She has such a positive attitude and it is beyond contagious.  She has a genuine love for art which pours out onto her students. She is always chock full of great ideas!  Kirby’s abilities and dedication would give any student an advantage in fulfilling their own art dreams!  I know this, because I am a first hand witness to her passion.   I am lucky to have her as my teacher."

~Susanne O'Mullen

"My daughter is currently a Fashion Design Major at Drexel University. Kirby Fredendall helped prepare her for the rigors of her program by teaching her the craft of drawing and design. Kirby's commitment to both excellence and kindness sets her apart from any tutor or teacher I have known. Your child would be fortunate to become a student of Kirby's."

~Sue Goodwin

"Kirby's thoughtful demeanor and careful guidance helped our daughter in all of her artistic endeavors, including the college admission process.  Kirby forms strong relationships with her students and this dedication and natural ability to connect is easily seen in the number of students who continue to work with Kirby year after year.  Thank you, Kirby!"

~Julie Martin